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 1970's Ivory gown with lace sleeves/36 

 White gown with silver neckline/36 

 1930ís-style White black floral lace gown/38-40 
 1930ís-style White black double lace gown/38 

 1930ís-style White soft double lace gown/40 

 1970ís White Edwardian-style lace gown/36 

 1950ís Ivory brocade gown/38-40 

 Rose ivory crepe gown/34-36 

 Rose ivory tulle skirt/38 

 Khaki silk chiffon gown/38 

 1950's Ivory brocade gown/40 

 1970ís Floral cotton skirt/38-40 

 Sea green chiffon couture gown with cape/40 

 1960ís White lace dress with long sleeves/32 

 Ivory chiffon ruffle gown/36-38 

 Cream heavy ribbon couture mermaid gown/40 

 1930ís-style White art deco lace gown/38 

 1930ís-style White delicate lace gown/38 

 1920ís-style Ivory square lace dress/38-40 

 1920ís-style Ivory floral lace dress/38-40 

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