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 1930ís-style White Art-deco lace gown/40 

 1930ís-style White cobweb lace gown/36-38 

 1930ís-style White cut out lace gown/38 

 1930ís-style White cut-out lace gown/40 

 1930ís-style White daisy floral lace gown/40 

 1930ís-style White delicate lace gown/40 

 1930ís-style White floral lace gown/38 

 1930ís-style White knitted lace gown/38 

 1930ís-style White lace collage gown/38 

 1930ís-style White lace gown with ruffle collar/40 
 1930ís-style White lace gown/36-38 

 1930ís-style White lace gown/38 

 1930ís-style White lace gown/38-40 

 1930ís-style White tiny floral gown/40-42 

 1930ís-style White tiny fringe gown/38 

 1930ís-style White tiny lines lace gown/40 

 1930ís-style White/silver French lace gown/38 

 1940ís Cream chiffon gown with lace trim/42 

 1940ís Cream crepe gown/38-40 

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