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 1950ís White lace jacket/36 

 1960's Navy and ivory boucle wool suit/36 

 1960ís Beige black linen dress/36 

 1960ís Black and brown print cotton dress/36-38 
 1960ís Black crochet dress in Charleston-style/38 
 1960ís Black dress with fringes/36 

 1960ís Black silver dress/34-36 

 1960ís Blue graphic print dress/32 

 1960ís Blue print cotton dress/32 

 1960ís Brown brocade gown/36 

 1960ís Cream beaded tricot dress/34-36 

 1960ís Dusty-green coat/38 

 1960ís Green floral dress/36 

 1960ís Ivory lavender dress/36-38 

 1960ís Merlot lace gown with long sleeves/42 
 1960ís Mintblue brocade waistcoat/36 

 1960ís Peach boucle skirt/36 

 1960ís Peach jacket/38-40 

 1960ís Satin clutch. 

 1960ís Snake clutch. 

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