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 1970s White cotton hippie blouse/36 

 1970s White cotton print shirt and skirt/36 

 1970s White dress with orange flowers/36 

 1970s White/blue nylon chiffon dress/36-38 

 1970s Yellow dress/36 

 1970s Yellow dress/38 

 1970s Yellow floral dress/36 

 1970s Yellow jacket/38 

 1970s Yellow tulip dress/38 

 1970s-style Black silk chiffon couture gown/32-34 
 1970s-style Cobber silk couture gown/32-34 

 1970s-style Grey babydoll ruffle dress/36 

 1970s-style Grey rose silk chiffon couture gown/36 
 1970s-style Nude silk chiffon dress/36 

 1970s-style Tropical print dress/36 

 1980's LANVIN shoes/ 

 1980s Black and ivory organza blouse/36 

 1980s Black and rose chiffon cape/38-40 

 1980s Black beaded cardigan/38 

 1980s Black beaded coat/40 

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