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 1950s Black handpainted skirt/36 


 1950s Black white stripe dress with jacket/36 
 1950s Blue atomic skirt/36-38 

 1950s Brown dress/36 

 1950s Caf au lait silk wiggle dress/36 

 1950s Coralpink satin dress/34-36 

 1950s Dusty green yellow floral dress/34-36 

 1950s Gold cream brocade dress/36-38 

 1950s Golden gown/36-38 

 1950s Golden purple floral dress/38 

 1950s Green purple print chiffon dress/36 

 1950s Green/blue floral dress/36-38 

 1950s Grey floral wiggle dress/40-42 

 1950s Grey green dress with orange flowers/38 
 1950s Ivory purple floral gown/32 

 1950s Jungle print skirt/36 

 1950s Lavender floral dress/38 

 1950s Mintgreen swingcoat/40 

 1950s Navy blue cotton dress/34-36 

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