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 1950s Black and white printed cotton dress/36-38 
 1950s Black crepe and chiffon dress/36-38 

 1950s Black draped chiffon dress/44 

 1950s Black draped HARRODS dress/36 

 1950s Black draped wiggle dress/36 

 1950s Black draped wool dress/36-38 

 1950s Black gold ballgown/38 

 1950s Black pink ribbon dress/32 

 1950s Black ribbon tulle dress/36 

 1950s Black satin wiggle dress/36 

 1950s Black silk velvet dress/38-40 

 1950s Black wiggle dress with draped bow/36 

 1950s Black wiggle dress with ivory lace/38 

 1950s Black/cream paper skirt/34 

 1950s Blue atomic skirt/36-38 

 1950s Blue green rose floral dress/38 

 1950s Brown chiffon dress/38 

 1950s Caf au lait silk wiggle dress/36 

 1950s Caramel floral cotton dress/36 

 1950s Caramel Teddy swing coat/38-40 

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